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Monday, January 25, 2016

Math Centers

I have 5 math centers in my classroom.  They are Numbers, Shapes, Graphs, Measurement, and Problem Solving.  I like making each center hands-on and interactive in some way.  I also like to have some recording sheet for each center.  Here is a summary of what I include in each center:

Numbers Center

This center changes the most in my classroom.  Activities include single digit addition and subtraction, place value up to 100, place value up to 1,000, and two digit addition and subtraction.

Some of my favorites from other TPT authors are:

Roll and Add

Roll and Compare

Roll, Build, and Draw

Spin and Add

Spin and Subtract

Shapes Center

For the Shapes center, I give students a picture card from this set:

Then, they cover it with pattern blocks and complete the graph sheet for their recording sheet.

Graphs Center

For this center, I give students a seasonal or themed spinner and corresponding recording sheet.  Students spin the spinner 20 times and record each spin.  Then, they evaluate their graphs and answer a few questions.

Here are some Spin and Graph sets that I have made:

Measurement Center

My Measurement Center includes seasonal or themed picture cards for students to measure and measurement tools.  For my less advanced students, I give them Unifix cubes or a themed ruler 

Problem Solving Center

My problem solving center required some trial and error.  I eventually settled upon these activities:

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