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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Daily Morning Meeting and Afternoon Meeting

For the last two years, I have dedicated the first 15-20 minutes of our day to a Morning Meeting and the last 15-20 minutes to an Afternoon Meeting.  This allows us to have a set time to solve common problems, talk about any announcements, and to bond as a classroom community.  I LoVe my Morning and Afternoon Meetings and I will NEVER go back!

Here is a brief description of our morning meeting.

1.  Songs and Dancing - We listen to a few different songs while we sing loudly, shake hands, and hug.  It is a great way to start the day on a positive note.  My favorite song is this one from YouTube.  There are also lots of other great ones on YouTube and from the people who created Conscious Discipline.  "It Starts in the Heart" is my favorite Conscious Discipline CD.

2.  Greetings - We sing and greet each other with a smile, the use of names, and a touch of some sort.  I give options such as:  bear hug, thumb touch, fist bump, pinky hug, handshake, high five, etc.

3.  Schedule and Announcements - I use this part of the meeting to make any announcements that I need to or to discuss changes in our schedule for the day.

4.  Class Problem Solving - I keep a clipboard with notebook paper at the front of the room in a set location.  Students can ask during the day to write things they want to discuss on the clipboard.  I also add things when I feel like we need to discuss them.  During the meeting, I have the student who wrote down a topic discuss it and then I lead them to brainstorm solutions and we make a decision.

5.  Good News - At the beginning of the year, I assign students one day each week to share their good news. This helps to keep the daily meeting short.  During this part of the meeting, the assigned students can share one item of good news.  The other student are taught to be good listeners and ask questions.

6.  Wish You Well - Finally, we list the students who are absent and wish them well with a song.

At the end of the day, we wrap up with an Afternoon meeting.  Here is a brief description of our Afternoon meeting.

1.  Songs and Dancing - We listen to a fun song and dance our way to the rug for our afternoon meeting.  I use this song from YouTube.

2.  Daily Reflection - We list things that we did well and things we would like to work on.

2.  Kindness Report - One of the class jobs in my classroom is Kindness Recorder.  That person writes down kind things that they notice all day long.  At this point in the Afternoon meeting, this person reads the list of people who were kind and what they did that was kind.

3.  Goodbye Song - Finally, we sing our Goodbye Song.  This is also a song I found on YouTube.  You can find it here.  I love that it is the same tune as the Morning Song!

I hope this is helpful!  Are there any components that you add to your Morning or Afternoon meeting?  Please share!

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