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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Book Character Costume - Grouchy Ladybug!

This year for Halloween, teachers at my school were invited to dress up as a storybook character.  I chose to dress up as the Grouchy Ladybug!  I made a knee-length red tulle skirt (using ribbon and about 16 yards of red tulle, cut into strips and tied in knots around the ribbon waistband).  Then, I cut out ladybug spots from black felt.  I safety-pinned the spots to the skirt.

Then, I bought $3.00 antennae and wings from a Dollar General store.  I wore a short-sleeved cowl-neck black cashmere sweater and a red pencil skirt under the ladybug skirt.  It was a hit!  Here is the final result:


  1. absolutely love this! Making my skirt to wear on Monday!! Thank you for sharing your costume!