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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Class Helper Jobs

As part of some professional development I attended this summer, I am trying to help students feel more invested in their classroom by allowing more choices throughout the day.  One way I am doing so is by allowing students to choose their jobs for the week.  Each job students perform is a task we normally do anyway and a student can successfully do on his or her own.  It is important to me that each student has a job so they can feel like a vital part of our class.  It also helps them to become more responsible.  Here are the jobs I came up with for my classroom:

Greeter – greets everyone with a handshake, hug, or high five
Center leader (3 or 4) – helps those who need help during center time, ensures materials are put away neatly after centers
- Water fountain leader – counts for each student at the water fountain to be sure everyone gets a fair share of water
- Headphone manager – carries the headphone basket to the computer lab and back
- Prize box manager (1 or 2)– gets out prize boxes for the teacher on Friday and puts them back when class store time is over
- Librarian (1 or 2)– returns books to the proper spot in the class library
Boys’ bathroom monitor – monitors others going to the restroom to be sure they are not playing
Girls’ bathroom monitor – monitors others going to the restroom to be sure they are not p laying
Custodian (1 or 2) – empties trash buckets each day, takes trash cans to our school custodian when he comes to empty the trash cans and returns them to their spot
- Table Washer – washes tables in the cafeteria after lunch
- Name Taker – takes names in the cafeteria during lunch
Clean Hand Manager – gives hand sanitizer to others before lunch and if they sneeze on their hands
- Date Manager – Changes the date and day of the week on the board each morning.
- Schedule Monitor – Changes the cards on the board showing which Resource class is on our schedule today
-Homework tray monitor – checks homework tray to be sure that papers are in order by numbers and neatly in the baskets
Make Up Work Monitor (1 or 2) – tears pages out of workbooks for absent students
Line Leader – leads the line wherever we go
Caboose – is last in line wherever we go and turns off the lights and shuts the door
- Teacher’s Helper (2)– passes out and collects papers and other materials
Messenger – takes things to other classrooms or office if needed
Substitute (1 or 2) -  Fills in for any job if someone is absent
Chair Flipper - Flips chairs up or down for empty seats or absent classmates

After deciding upon the jobs our class needs to be done each day, I printed the job cards (below) and then printed students names.  I laminated both, and cut them apart.  Last, the job cards, and the names got a small piece of magnetic tape on the back so that it could stick to my file cabinet.  You can find the cards I made to use in my own classroom in my TPT store by clicking here.

Here is my final product:

What other class helper jobs do you use in your classroom?

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