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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ron Clark article

Just found this article by Ron Clark that was a breath of fresh air!  I thought I would share!  I have had the pleasure to meet Ron once and was excited to get a little extra time to speak with him because his aunt is the guidance counselor at the school where I teach.  If you do not know about him, check out the made for TV movie "The Ron Clark Story" and his book "The Essential 55."  Fantastic resource!

You can find the article here:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Short Vowel Booklet

I created this cute short vowel booklet to use for the first couple weeks of literacy instruction to review the different short vowel sounds and CVC words.  One each vowel page, students write 8 words with that vowel sound (we brainstorm a list on the board first) and then pick 2 or three of those words to illustrate in the blank space at the top.  We will complete one page at a time...probably a, i, and u the first week and then e and o the second week.  Once all of those are finished, we will complete the word sort and sentence writing activity.

You can download the booklet for FREE here

I am thinking of creating a whole series of these...for example:
- Consonant sounds
- consonant blends
- consonant digraphs
- Long A spellings
- Long I spellings
- Long o spellings
- Long e spellings
- Long u spellings
- Vowel digraphs

What do you think about a series of these booklets?

As with any documents you download that have been created by me, please use them for your classroom only.  If you wish to share this with another teacher, please give them the address to my blog so that that teacher may download the file for him or herself.  Please do not post this document on any other website (whether for free or for sale).