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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Printable Jumbo Desktop Helper Nametags Now Available

I have often found in the past that I wanted to refer my students to some visual aids quickly and easily while teaching a lesson.  While shopping in a teacher store, I came across a set of nametags with visual aids to help remind students of math concepts a teacher had taught.  They came in packs of 30 or so and cost about $4-$6. 

I took this idea and made a nametag customized for the needs of my second grade students.  I have used a tag similar to this for the last 4 years.  It makes it very easy to refer students to a hundreds chart or other aid without taking the time to pass out mini offices or other materials.  These also save time because I only make nametags once each year.  In January, when the tags have gotten a little grubby, I take them off of desks and laminate them a second time.  They flatten back out and look great again, with very little additional effort.  Of course, if you prefer to make new tags in January, you have the option to do so! 

The version I have created so far is designed specifically for second and third graders.  However, I plan to create tags for younger and older students in the future.  You can see an example in the photo below.

You can purchase the tags that I have created here:
Jumbo Printable Desktop Helper Desk Name Tags (Version 1- manuscript)
Jumbo Printable Desktop Helper Desk Name Tags (Version 2 - cursive)

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