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Monday, August 15, 2011

Parent Communication Binder

I keep a Parent Communication Binder with contact information and contact records by the phone in my room.  That way, when I look for a phone number in the binder, I already have my parent log sheet right there to document the contact.  Here is how the binder is organized:

I use clear plastic page protectors with sticky tabs attached.  Inside of the page protectors I place a sheet with only the student's class number written very large (on the front) and the information sheet (on the back).  I then label the sticky tabs with student numbers so that I can find a student's page quickly.  After each student's page protector, I place copies of my parent communication log sheets, so that there is one section for communication records for each student and it comes immediately after their information sheet.

Since the tabs and fronts of page protectors have student numbers (and no other info), they can be reused each year.  You would only need to throw away and replace the student info sheets and contact logs.

Here are some pictures:

Until then, here is the student information sheet and parent communication log I have created:

Student Information Sheet

Parent Communication Log

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  1. Does the document still exist? I can't access it :(

    Please and thanks!

  2. Sorry, Jennie! I just merged two google accounts and it deleted all of my google docs! I have updated the files and they should be accessible now!

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  4. I am sharing the communication log with the beginning teachers that work for me in my school. It has your email address at the bottom of it so that they know where to access your website. Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. Timely comments - Speaking of which , if someone has been looking for a LA BHSF Form 96-A , my assistant edited a sample document here https://pdf.ac/aExpDO.