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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Airplane Themed Behavior Clip Chart and Take Home Chart

I got a request (from DYoung1) for an airplane themed chart and poster.  I have completed this and have posted it here.  If you are interested, check it out!  Here is a sneak peak!

If any of you would like for me to create a custom behavior chart for you, I can do so and then post them to TPT.  Please leave any requests as comments to this post. 


  1. Hello- I was wondering of you could just adjust teh airplane theme behavior chart to teh Great airplane say
    First class- Best
    Teh next one to say Business Class- Better
    The next one
    Economy class- Good
    the nesxt to say
    Cargo class - difficulties
    Excess Baggage
    That woudl really help me out- I love teh weekly and monthly behavior charts- I would love to use those. Thank you so much

  2. HI! I am glad you are interested in my airplaine chart. I would be glad to make those changes. If you purchase the chart on TPT, then just email me with your username (so I can verify the purchase) and then I will make the changes you have requested and email the document to you.